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EnZo Blade The new Finnish line of knife design, for functionality and elegance. The right geometry and angle for these very sharp blades.
Designed so you can make a curved handle with tang through, or you can easily cut the tang.

O1 carbon steel
440C Stainless steel
12C27 Sandvik Stainless
Elmax Stainless Powdersteel

EnZo Nordic 5800 EnZo Nordic Walker 12C27  $41.00
2 in stock
Total: 220
Swedish Sandvik 12C27
False Edge; Scandi with secondary bevel
Bolster: 3575 or 3581
EnZo Nordic 5802 EnZo Nordic 95 12C27  $56.00
6 in stock  

3.5x24x95 mm
Total: 220 mm
Thinned and threaded tang, including a brass nut
Swedish Sandvik 12C27
Grind: Scandi zero
Finish: Satin
Bolster is #3581 B or 3581 N

EnZo Nordic 5803 EnZo Nordic Tundra 110  $41.00
1 in stock
Total: 235
Swedish Sandvik 12C27
Grind: Full Flat
Bolster: 3572 or 3576
EnZo Nordic
5806 EnZo Nordic Skinner 95/12C27  $21.00
7 in stock
3.5x30x95 mm
Total: 210 mm
Grind: Full Flat
Bolster: 3581 B or N; 3575 B or N

Cervus 5807  EnZo Nordic Cervus 85/440C   $21.00
3.5x24x85 mm
Total 210 mm
Grind: Hollow
Bolster: 3576 B or N
Cervus 5808  EnZo Nordic 85/Elmax   $70.00
8 in stock
3.5x24x87 mm
Total 210 mm
Grind: Scandi Zero
Bolster: 3576 B or N
EnZo Nordic
5809 EnZo Nordic  85/Flat  $70.00
6 in stock
3.5x24x87 mm
Total: 210 mm
Grind: Flat
Bolster: 3576B or N