Brisa and EnZo Trapper Knives 

The long Finnish knifemaking tradition goes into each and every EnZo knife.  Brisa's goal is to manufacture the highest quality knife at an affordable price. 
EnZo knives are designed to meet and exceed the special needs of the professional hunter, outdoorsman, camper and craftsman. 
Made from high quality materials using hi-tech methods.  EnZo knives are rugged, yet light weight and have the correct blade geometry to accomplish any cutting task. 
They are a combination of Finnish know-how and modern materials.  EnZo knives are available in a variety of handle materials, with numerous color choices.

Comes with a custom designed 1558 Leather sheath.  

Total length: 210 mm (8 1/4)
Blade length: 95 mm ( 3 7/8)
Blade width: 25 mm (1)
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
Weight: 140 g (0.31 lb)
Finish: Satin or Bead blasted

Stainless: 57-58
Carbon: 58- 59
D2: 60-61

Scandi zero Trapper knives
Scandi with a secondary bevel, Camper knives

The steels used are :

Carbon Steel
O1 is a widely used american knife steel.
O-1 C 0.90 Mn1.20 Cr 0.50 W 0.50 V 0.20

D2 steel
D2 is one of the best knife steels. It is a tool steel and has very good hardness and wear resistance, while still maintaining some rust resistance due to high Chromium content.
Chemical composition: C 1.55%, Mn 0.3%, Si 0.3%, Cr 12%, Mo 1% Hrc 60- 61

N690Co Stainless Steel

Elmax Steel

Two year guarantee against any defects in materials or manufacturing, provided the knife has been used correctly. No guarantee valid for discoloring, corrosion, broken tip or change in material due to humidity differences.

Knives Illustrated: "This knife has most everything in one nice package".

2014 EnZo Trapper O1/ScZ Green Canvas Micarta $111.00

2015  EnZo Trapper N690Co/F Green Canvas Micarta  $124.00
2 in stock

Trapper 2016 EnZo Trapper D2 Green Canvas Micarta  $114.00
2 in stock
Trapper 2017 EnZo/Brisa Trapper N690Co/Sc Green Canvas Micarta   $111.00
2 in stock

2018 EnZo Trapper O1/ScZ  Black Canvas Micarta  $101.00

2054 EnZo Trapper O1/ScZ Curly Birch  $127.00

2064 Brisa Trapper 115 Elmax/ScZ  Green Canvas Micarta  $159.00
1 in stock

Trapper 2065 EnZo Trapper 115 N690Co/SC  Black G10  $136.00
2 in stock
Trapper 2066 EnZo Trapper 115 Elmax/F  Green Micarta  $159.00
2 in stock
EnZo Trapper
2090 EnZo Trapper 95 Elmax/F  Black Canvas Micarta  $151.00
1 in stock
EnZo Trapper 2091 Brisa Trapper 95 Elmax/Sc  Green Canvas Micarta  $151.00
1 in stock