EnZo Trapper D2 Kits

Deluxe Kit

EnZo Trapper 95 steel blade
- Set of scales
- with brass Corby rivets
- pre shaped in 3D
- red liners already glued
- Leather sheath (1558)

Bushcraft Sheaths available for an upcharge.  Contact Me.

You only have to glue, tighten the rivets, grind them down and finish the scales.

EnZo Kit
2100  EnZo Trapper 95 Kit D2/ScZ                        $88.00
1 in stock
Black Canvas Micarta Scales

EnZo Kit
2101  EnZo Trapper 95 Kit  D2 /ScZ                      $88.00
Curly Birch Scales

EnZo Kit
2114  EnZo Trapper 95 Kit D2/ScZ                        $91.00
2 in stock
Ebony Scales

EnZo Kit

2103  EnZo Trapper Kit D2/ScZ                             $88.00
1 in stock
Green Canvas Micarta Scales

EnZo Kit 2113 EnZo Trapper Kit D2/ScZ                              $89.00
2 in stock
Ivory Linen Micarta Scales