Knife Making Tools   

 Handle Vise
7795 Knife Handle Vise Version 2.0  $15.00 
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Larger than the previous version.  Allows for longer and wider handles.

Does not come with pre-drilled holes for the blade or tang.

Maximum handle length:  170 mm

Maximum handle width:  60 mm

Diamond Files
5004  Diamond Needle File Set   $18.00 

Set of  10 - 5.5" diamond files.  2 3/4" working length.  Width varies by shape. Great for doing file work on hardened knife blades.

Set may differ from picture.  Imported

Need some file work patterns?  Check this out:  File Work Patterns

Needle Files
5005  Needle File Set   $16.00  
Set of  10 - 5.5" needle files.  Vinyl wrapped handles.
Includes Flat, Round, Half-Round, Square, Triangle and more

Set may differ from picture.  Imported

5006  Needle Rasp Set  $15.00

6 Single Ended 6 1/4" long Rasp Steel Files in plastic wallet with handles.

A course cut for making fast work of those handle block tang holes.  The Equaling (flat) file surface is 5/16" x 1/16" and the round file is 1/8" at the largest diameter and all other files are in this same range.  Imported

Birk Drill Guide
2801 Birk Drill Guide  $10.00
Easily put you own scales on your Birk with this drill guide.  Includes locations for all screws, pivot, lanyard, and bolsters.
1.9 mm drill bit included

Does not fit Second Generation Birks

Button Head Screws

Flat Head Screws
2425 Birk Button Head Clip Screws  $1.00 pair
Generation I Birk
5.9 mm M2
Torx 6

2428 Birk Button Head Screws  $1.00 pair
3.6 mm M2
Torx 6

2430 Birk Flat Head Clip Screws  $0.80 pair 
Generation II Birk
3.6 mm M2
Torx 6