Brisa Camper Full Tang Knife Blades   

The full tang line is especially designed for hunters and outdoorsmen. Precision made blades in every detail. We put a lot of effort
 in the grind and can provide four different grinds:

Scandi with a small secondary bevel (Sc)

The steel available is:

Cobalt enriched stainless steel from Austrian steel company Bohler.  The added Cobalt improves wear resistance and edge retention in addition to ensuring a uniform grain structure.
C 1.07 Co 1.5 Cr 17 Mn 0.4 Mo 1.1 Ni-P-Si 0.4 S-W-V 0.1

October '08 Knives Illustrated: "If I wanted a beautiful knife in a more traditional pattern that takes a very good edge,
the EnZo Trappers stands head and shoulders above the rest".

5831 Brisa Camper 125 N690Co/F $68.00  

Blade Length: 125 mm (5 inches)
Blade Width: 27 mm
Blade Thickness: 3.6 mm
Total Length: 245 mm (10 inches)

Holes: 2x4.6 mm, 1x6.3 mm
Ground: Flat