Brisa Fisher Full Tang Knife Blade   

Brisa's fulltang line is especially designed for hunters and outdoorsmen. Precision made blades in every detail.

The steel available is:

Sandvik 12C27
Swedish stainless steel. 
A martensitic stainless steel with a hardness range of 54 - 61 HRC.  High toughness, scary sharpness, and good corrosion
resistance make Sandvik 12C27 the recommended
grade for hunting knives, camping knives, and pocket knives.
C 0.60 Cr 13.5  Mn 0.40 Si 0.40

October '08 Knives Illustrated: "If I wanted a beautiful knife in a more traditional pattern that takes a very good edge,
the EnZo Trapper stands head and shoulders above the rest".

Please note that the blade finish may differ from the picture.

EnZo Fisher 
5833 Brisa Fisher 110 SS/F $27.00

Blade length: 110 mm
Blade width: 19 mm
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
Total: 230 mm
Weight: 69 g
Holes 2x4 mm, 2x4.6 mm, 1x6.3 mm, Oval 3x10 mm
Ground: Flat
Finish: Satin
Steel: Stainless 12C27

The blade is not flexible, it works very well as an all round camping knife, also on wood.