Kankaanpää Knife Blades - Finland

Utility blades in Bohler Uddeholm 0.8% carbon steel used for decades.  Slightly convex grind.  Rockwell Hardness 58 - 59.

Kankaanpaa is the name of an elderly knifemaker.  The blanks are stamped and then sent for hardening.
The blanks are ground on two big grinders; one for the left side, one for the right.  The steel used is from Germany, maybe 50 years old or more. 
At this point they are ground flat to zero, then Kankaanpaa manually puts on the second bevel, a little convex close to the edge.
This is what he thinks is a good using knife.  He comes from an area, Kauhava, where there is a long knife tradition and a lot of knife making knowledge.

According to Brisa, Kankaanpaa is no longer making blades regularly, but will occasionally offer some for sale to them.  I will get them when I can.

Kankaanpaa Saami

5163 Saami  105x20 mm             $18.50

Bolster 3572, 3576