Lauri Progression Tempered Knife Blades - Finland      

Lauri of Finland has perfected the process to temper the spine to a utilitarian hardness of RC52 while the edge is
hardened to an incredible RC63.
This process gives you a hard working blade that is not only durable, but will hold a razor sharp edge longer
than anything you now own.

The Lauri PTX blades, with the high definition tempering line, have been discontinued.  However, you can make your own.

Dip a Lauri PT blade in Nitric acid (5 - 10%) for 2 to 3 seconds.  Rinse with water and polish on a buffing wheel.

 Lauri PT 95
5152 Lauri PT 95x17.5 mm   $23.00
5 in stock


Bolster 3570, 3573
Lauri PT 77
5151 Lauri PT 77x20 mm   $21.50
4 in stock

Bolster 3570, 3573
Lauri PT Skinner
5155 Lauri PT Skinner 90x26 mm  $36.00
2 in stock

Bolster  3577, 3578

Lauri PT Whittler
5156 Lauri PT Whittler 80x21.5 mm  $25.00
4 in stock

Bolster 3572, 3576