Sheath Leather

Spanish Leather
1015 Spanish Top Grain Leather  $8.75

Spanish top grain veg tanned heifer leather.  3mm thick

Length approx. 20 cm (8"), width approx.10 cm (4"). 

Very soft.  Good for fold over sheaths.  Also carves and tools very well.  Not a lot of visible grain.

Half-Tanned Leather
1025 Half-Tanned Leather    $9.00

German half-tanned leather.  Thickness 2 - 2.5 mm (0.1").

Length approx. 20 cm (8"), width approx.10 cm (4").

Best leather on the market, especially for decorations, pauting work, etc.

Leather Spacers
8515 Tan Leather Spacers    $6.00 
Package of 10  1.41 x 1.13" 
Hole 0.25 x 0.50"

Approximately 0.1875" Thick  1 package stacks up to about 2"

Vegtable Tanned Leather
8516 Vegetable Tanned Leather
Individual pieces approx. 4" x 8"

5 - 7 oz. (3/32 - 4/32")  $7.00

These shoulders are tanned using the old artisian method of slow tanning with natural vegetable extracts. This gives the leather a rich and warm appearance that will age well. This leather tools and stamps beautifully.

Custom Sizes Available!  Inquire for price.

Hang Loop Leather
1027 Hang Loop Leather  $3.50
8 x .75"    4 - 5 oz. Veg Tanned

You will need two if you are using a D ring as
Tandy Leather Company is a good source
for D rings, rivets, etc.

The traditional hang loop only needs one.

They will come cut square.